Middle school classroom observation essay

5 Tips for Conducting Better Teacher Observations

How does the teacher work with the sense the children are making?

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What are instances of productive ways in which the teacher works with students' confusions? In What ways does the teacher support students in showing respect for each other ideas? What evidence is there that the teacher is setting the tone for students to see each other as resources for mathematical thinking?

Classroom Observation Report Observation

What is teacher's style? Tone of class? Objectives was clearly stated? What type of objectives were in evidence? How effective was this lesson?

First grade classroom observation essay

What suggestions would you make? Excerpt From Essay :. Essay Instructions : Topic: classroom observation math class Note: Setting:middle school,7th or 8th grade, 20 students in the math classheterogenerous grouping Note:You should answer the following questions.

What evdience is there that the teacher has a long-term mathematical agenda? What does the teacher understand about the development of children?


Are the objectives clearly stated? What types of objectives were in evidence? What strategies used? What approach used? What are instances of productive ways in which the teacher works with students? How does the teacher show that she understands that students? How does the teacher appear to adjust her teaching on the basis of the mathematical ideas that she hears from students? What intervention does the teacher make to ensure that students? Essay Instructions : This needs to be a Classroom Observation. Double Spaced and 12 font. APA style. Include such information as: Number of years in teaching beginning teacher, etc.

Profile of the supervisory procedures in place in the setting.

Classroom Observation: Engaging Middle School Students

Profile of the school setting. Identify the type of school urban, suburban, rural, high school, elementary, middle school, public, private, parochial, military , and school demographics size, number of students, number of teachers and other areas that make the school context unique e. Pre- observation : Conduct a pre- observation conference with the teacher you are working with. Use a standard format, either the one provided in class OR the format used by your district. Also, identify the supervisory focus and the data collection tools you will be utilizing during the observation.

Observation : After conducting the pre- observation conference, observe the teacher. The classroom observation should be at least forty-five 45 minutes long. You will conduct a post- observation conference with the teacher you observed. This conference should be held in the classroom in which the teacher you observed taught the lesson.

The writing component. You are to submit a formal report of your observation. Treat this report like one you would be handing in for placement in a personnel file. Please refer to the form we will be using in class.

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Free Essays from Bartleby | Classroom Observation Conducting classroom Classroom Observation Memphis Intermediate School is located in the city of. Free Essay: Classroom Observation I use to believe that being a teacher was going to be eight hours In the middle school however, students sat two to a table.

Include areas for the teacher to explore, ways in which the teacher can explore these areas, and any other mutually agreed upon aspect e. Many of the students would just get up out of their seats and walk around while their teacher was talking. I think that much of this behavioral problem was because of Mr.

First grade classroom observation essay

May not be copied, scanned, or duplicated, in whole or in part. A young black student in the front of the room welcomed us while some of the others waved. You can gain a great deal of insight into your students by watching them at work and at play. Elementary classroom. Tips on citation download. Feedback from these profiles was used to stimulate dialogue and discussion about instructional strengths and weaknesses in the school. Code-focused instruction is the sum of all literacy activities that are explicitly focused on teaching children how to decode and encode at the word level.

Conti's calm personality. It seemed like the class took advantage of him. When the hour was over, the students lined up to go to lunch. Conti gave my group a tour of the school including the library, gym, and cafeteria.

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To go to lunch the students had to get their coats and venture to the other building. This is where the cafeteria was located. The cafeteria was a roomy size--it brought back memories of when I was in middle school. We took a look at the library and got a chance to talk to the librarian. The room in which the library was located looked as though it was once used as something else.

There didn't seem to be much logical sense to how the library was arranged. The nice thing bout the library was that it gave the student some more access to computers. There were about eight computers in the library and they looked to be Internet accessible. The librarian explained that the school was working on buying some more computers.

He seemed to be very familiar with each of the computers and software that the children enjoyed using. He gave our group the opportunity to arrange time with him if we decided we wanted to do more with the computers in our lesson. Being around students of this age reminded me of my childhood. I attended a slightly larger school than Brimfield, but the kindness of the staff and students much resembled that of my school.

Observation Paper

I don't remember a lot of my schooling at that age, but it was a time of socializing and fun. I am really excited about going back to Brimfield for our next two visits; I felt very comfortable there. I am beginning to look forward to becoming a teacher and having a class of my own. The second visit was also an observation, but this time we were beginning to plan our technological project. Conti wanted us to prepare a math lesson centered on the calculations of fractions. My group met several times at the student Center in order to brainstorm and organize all of our ideas.

We worked very well together and had no problems cooperating with one another. We finally decided to create a fraction game on the Power Point program. Through the use of the students' math book and a few math flash cards that we had borrowed, we were able to produce a number of math problems. Each problem was going to be worth a certain number of points. The team with the highest score at the end of the game would be the winners. The day soon came to teach the lesson. I was very nervous, but at the same time excited to see how the students would react to our presentation.

My group and I set up the room and gave the class an explanation of the game and the rules. After we answered any lingering questions, we began the game. I could see the excitement on the children's faces; they seemed to be really enjoying themselves. The best part was that the students were working together as a team to answer the questions. I think this is what learning is all about.

Sometimes I feel that students work better with a help and encouragement form their teacher and peers. It was great that we could be enforcing the students' mathematical skills while having fun. I think that the class really appreciated the time and effort that we put into this project.

This project also gave me a chance to study how children learn. From the observation, I noticed how diverse the learning styles of the students were. I think that it is very important it incorporate a variety of teaching methods to accommodate the needs from student to student. This assignment allowed me to get involved with a group of people that had the same career goals as me.

As a result, I had an exciting and new experience.