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When one need money, love cannot fulfill this requirement and if one need love, money cannot fulfill this requirement. Both are highly required for the healthy life but they have their significance and importance separately. Both are required by us on urgent basis so we cannot rank both on the same scale. We need money everywhere such as to eat food, to drink water or milk, to see TV, news, subscribe newspaper, wear clothe, get admission and many more requirements.

Money is the basic requirement of the life without which one cannot imagine a healthy and peaceful life. We need money even buying a little needle. In the modern time, where growth of civilization is going very fast and following western culture, we need more money because of the increasing prices of everything.

Earlier there was a system called barter system in which one was allowed to exchange things to get goods however, in the modern one need only money to buy everything. The importance of money is increasing day by day as the living has become so costly. The significance of money has increased to a great extent in the field of production, consumption, exchange, distribution, public finance and etc.

It plays a very crucial role in determining the input, income, employment, output, general price level of anything, etc. In such a costly and competitive society and world, no one of us can live without money.

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We need money to fulfil our basic needs of the life such as buying food, and other many basic necessities of life which are almost impossible to buy without money. People in the society who are rich and have property are looked as honourable and respectful person of the society however a poor person is seen as hatred without any good impression.

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Money increases the position of the person in the society and gives good impression to him. All of us want to be rich by earning more money through good job or business in order to fulfil all the increasing demands of the modern age. However, only few people get this chance of completing their dreams of being a millionaire. So, money is the thing of great importance all through the life. People in the urban areas are earning more money than the people living in backward or rural areas as the people of the urban areas have more access to the technologies and get more opportunity because of the easy sources.

Money is very much required thing in the life however; it cannot buy things like time, love and true care. It can only fulfil the outer needs of the person and not the inner needs like true love. Now-a-days, everything has become so costly but necessary to buy for living a simple life. And what if we have no money, either we would die or suffer more if saved. Money has capability to buy anything virtually and helps us a lot throughout the life. By taking the importance of the money in our life we should never destroy or waste the money without any purpose.

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We should not compare the money and love because both are required separately to run a successful life. In this competitive world, everyone wants to get good study with higher education from the popular college and university to get good job in order to earn more money. A person needs more money to fulfil the requirement of the all members of the family especially one who is only working person of the family.

He or she needs to fulfil the eating, clothing and living requirements of the family members and for that money is required. Rich people of the society are given particular recognition and popularity however poor people live their life by arranging just food for two times a day. All the changes and differences are just because of the money. Money is really a very important thing for the human beings to lead their life in the satisfactory way.

Unlike animals and plants, we need more money everywhere. In order to live in the society, we need to maintain our status and position in the society for which we need money. In order to eat food or drink water, wear cloth, get admission to the school, take medicine or go to the hospital and other many activities we need lots of money. Now the topic arise is, where we got such required money. We need to get higher level study and do hard works to get good job or open our own business which requires more skill and confidence. Earlier the condition of poor people was very poor because of the pressure of the rich people.

They were not helping the poor people and use them only as a servant on the very low salary.

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Credit cards are much more flexible and instantaneous. To me, it was meaningful to get the problem definitively solved right now rather than spending a few days worrying about when the check would be available. Second, in the worst-case scenario, credit card debt is dischargeable through bankruptcy. One does have to balance that against the interest rates for each type of debt, but my credit rating gave me access to very favorable rates through balance transfers, so that both my student loans and my long-term credit card debt carry similar rates overall. For me, then, the choice between taking on further unsubsidized student loan debt and further credit card debt was obvious.

The second is that I simply should have worked more to avoid going into debt. To some extent, I concede that this is true. Most of my periods of unemployment were involuntary, however, and in any case, there can be a trade-off between avoiding debt and finishing more quickly.

The cost of grad school is not just the direct cost, but the opportunity cost of going without a full-time salary. Every year that you go without finishing is a year that you've foregone potentially tens of thousands of dollars, even for a visiting position. In that context, taking on a job that might significantly slow your progress, all to avoid a few thousand dollars of debt, seems very shortsighted.

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Obviously not everyone winds up with a full-time position, and an extended job search can sometimes result in a Ph. Hence I conclude that the overriding priority, all things being equal, should be to finish, because that is your best chance of finding a real full-time job.

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In order to understand the environment in which a finance manager is required to take decision, a sketch indicating business system is given hereunder:. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This material doesn't solve your task? In decision. Consequent, I learned two great lessons — we should spend what we can afford and how to avoid the pitfall of unplanned expenditure. She expected the coach to offer her suggestions or tell her what she was doing wrong.

And if you don't find a job? Then that pushes forward the day that you can definitively give up and seek work outside of academe. All through grad school, I did a variety of freelance work in the corporate sector that paid much more, for much less work, than adjunct teaching ever could have. Much of that work could be done from home, making it even more time-efficient. That kind of work isn't going to be right for everyone, and for some people adjuncting is preferable and beneficial. But every grad student has skills that are valuable outside of academe.

You have research skills. You have writing skills. You are basically an information processing machine. You hopefully have some language skills.

Depending on your discipline, you might also have some advanced math or stats skills — in any case, you probably know how to use standard office software better than the average office worker does. In short, contemporary academe puts even the most fortunate grad students and young job-seekers in an impossible financial situation. We shouldn't make it worse by adding further constraints due to our prejudices about credit card debt or our false belief that our academic calling makes us unemployable anywhere else. Be the first to know.

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