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Psychological issues in cleft lip and cleft palate

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Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate

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If substitution occurs, it usually involves another sound of the same classification, such as one fricative for another Th for s. Organic abnormalities, such as too large a tongue, too tight a frenum, missing or irregular teeth, or a recessive or prognathous lower jaw, can produce articulatory speech defects, although many individuals learn to speak well despite their structural malformations. Much can be done for the cleftpalate child through surgery if it is attempted early in life. Surgeons still argue about the proper age for operation, some recommending that the repair be accomplished when the child is from two to three weeks old, and others preferring to wait until the second year.

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The main objection to early repair is that the tissues do not hold so well; the objection to later operation is that the child has already developed many of his fundamental speech habits, and more reeducation will be required. The trend seems to be in favor of postponing the operation until after the second birthday. The purpose of the operation is to stop the nasal air leak by closing the open cleft and by lengthening and readjusting the muscular tissue so that the soft palate can be voluntarily activated in shutting off the upper nasopharynx.

Clefts in the hard palate are often closed by a dental plate. Various operative techniques are used in lengthening the velum and displacing it toward the rear wall of the throat, and descriptions of them may be found in the references given at the end of this chapter. Since some of the older operative techniques are very unsatisfactory from the point of view of speech, the surgeon should be chosen with care. It must also be remembered that certain cleft-palate cases present so many difficulties that perfect functioning of the repaired palate is impossible.

Occasionally, the surgical repair will clear up the speech defect immediately. In other cases, where the operation is unsuccessful or cannot be performed, an obturator can be used. This appliance is usually constructed of a metal plate which conforms to the arch of the hard palate, a tailpiece corresponding to the normal soft palate in its lowered position, and a bulb at the end of the tail-piece.

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The pharyngeal wall is constricted about the bulb, and closure is thus affected. Some individuals seem to have much difficulty in learning to use these appliances, while others achieve fairly normal speech with them. In any event, muscle-reeducation and speech training are usually necessary.

The aims of speech correction treatment are: 1 to strengthen the muscles of the soft palate; 2 to teach the child to direct the air stream outward through the mouth opening; 3 to increase the mobility of the tongue, lips, and so forth; and 4 to teach the child to discriminate between the articulatory errors and the correct sounds. There are several methods used in strengthening the palatal muscles. One of those that are correct includes the massage.

The massage should be demonstrated by the physician and its amount designated by him. It is usually begun about five or six weeks after the final operation, and three or four short periods are given daily. People with CLP and craniofacial deformities may have functional disorders that impair eating, speech, and dental-occlusal relationships. There is a high frequency of isolation, social discrimination, and bullying in this population. Health education can be understood as a social practice that enables critical and transformative reflection and behavioral change as well as promotes the welfare of patients.

When used within the area of speech-language pathology and audiology, the YDP has addressed topics related to hearing and vocal health using various venues to convey information and exchange knowledge including activities within the classroom, cybertutors, and use of software such as "Virtual Man" to promote integration of knowledge and motivate involvement. The current YDP addressed the topic of CLP integrating the areas of speech-language pathology, audiology, and dentistry, aiming to improve public awareness regarding one of the most common birth defects.

Cleft lip and palate repair: Jane's Journey

To accomplish the task of health promotion, this study had two objectives: to develop and implement a health education strategy based on the dynamic methodology of the YDP while addressing the topic of CLP and to evaluate the performance of school-aged children regarding the acquisition of knowledge about CLP after attending the YDP. To conduct this project, partnerships were established between two universities, one hospital specialized in the management of CLP and a private elementary-middle school.

All 50 middle school students from eighth- and ninth-grade levels were invited to participate in this study.

Because not all students had access to the Internet outside the school environment, the project was conducted at the school informatics laboratory. The sample was limited to 50 students because there were 25 computers with Internet access available, and the students accessed the cybertutor in pairs at a time suitable to all.

Only students who signed the informed consent form together with their parents were included. To select a site to conduct the project, the researchers identified a school that had students with CLP attending regular classes and also identified teachers and administrative staff interested in the project. The participating school fit the criteria and participated as the site for this project. After identifying the school and the students, the participants underwent the YDP's training program, which is structured in three steps.

At the first meeting, the participants attended a lecture given by the researchers, which lasted 2 hours. The class was held at the university responsible for this study and addressed topics related to CLP: predisposition to bullying and discrimination, definition, classification, embryology, etiology, diagnostics, team treatment, family structure and support, and speech-language pathology, audiology, and dental aspects of CLP management. A PowerPoint Microsoft Corp. The interactive teleducation was meant to facilitate the completion by the students.

Participants were able to control their own learning, accessing the cybertutor freely and establishing their own study schedules, within the period assigned for review of the material. The interactive classroom allowed collaboration between the users through mailing lists and forums to clarify doubts about the content available on cybertutor. The cybertutor development involved a partnership between the two universities engaged in this study.

The topics addressed in the cybertutor regarding CLP included definition, embryology how and when CLP occurs during pregnancy , etiology, diagnostics, treatment, first caregiver concerns, and first care for babies with CLP, along with presentation of psychosocial issues related to bullying and prejudice associated with CLP. After completion of the introductory content on CLP, more specific information about speech-language pathology, audiology, and dental aspects related to the management of CLP were made available through the cybertutor. At step 3, the participants were quizzed regarding the topics presented during the lecture and with the cybertutor.

Students were divided into five groups to take the quiz involving group interactions. The group that had the highest number of correct answers was encouraged to explain those topics of mastery to the other groups. The participants were than acknowledged by the team of researchers who advised them during the process along with their teachers as "young doctors. A chart demonstrating the sequence of steps taken during the process for the students to become young doctors in the topic of CLP is presented in Fig.

To analyze the learning of the participants, they were administered questionnaires before and after completion of the YDP. The questionnaire for the assessment of student performance consisted of two essay questions questions 1 and 13 and 11 multiple-choice questions questions 2 through The questionnaire was developed by the research team and reviewed by professionals from the hospital specializing in the management of CLP.

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The essay questions addressed general knowledge of the students about CLP question 1: What do you know about the cleft lip and palate? If yes, describe. To determine the participants' performance in the essay questions, the researchers searched for three main responses. If the participant included at least two of these three responses, the reply to the essay questions was considered correct.

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The fourth most common birth defect in the United States: Cleft lip One in every babies born have a cleft lip and/or cleft palate read full [Essay Sample] for free. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Cleft palate is the term applied to a fissure of the roof of the mouth No attempt should be made to massage the palate when the student has a.

The multiple-choice questions addressed the content included in the cybertutor, with one correct answer among five possibilities. After inviting all 50 students from eighth- and ninth-grade levels, 41 accepted and signed the informed consent forms along with their parents. Before the initial lecture with the participants, the questionnaires to evaluate the knowledge of the 41 participants on issues regarding CLP were applied for baseline data. The participants attended the lecture and the interaction with the researchers to discuss the content presented about CLP.

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During the lecture, before discussing the information, the opinion of the students was frequently asked and they were invited to reflect about the content provided. During the interactions, the researchers identified the overall level of knowledge of the group about CLP.