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Congratulations on the creativity. Great job! And congrats on the job gotten and so well deserved! Mentioning the number of children you have is a good thing? The presence of such items can be cause for elimination.

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In her case, it was done well and it worked. OP here always wanted to say that! It just made sense for this instance. Rebecca, Thank you so much for your inspiration!! I have been trying to write that perfect cover letter, to get on the top of the resume pile … after 2 solid years of job searching, I am inspired! I actually feel that perhaps I finally have a chance at finally landing a position, finally the chance to feel human again!

Thank you!

I actually got an interview within 5 days. The interview went very well. I am so grateful to have received a call at all. I find that we are living in a world where, gone of the days that you could just get another job within a week. Being at the other end of this spectrum is not only sad in this country we live in, but stressful and demeaning in many ways.

I am educated and experienced up the xxx … gone are the good ole days! I have been humbled and have a renewed outlook on life and people. I hope to god, that I never left a bad impression or said anything demeaning to anyone I ever crossed paths with. If I did, shame on me! I beg for your forgiveness!

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Agreed, Leigh. Michelle, I can so relate to your statement. Sometimes we have to take that leap of faith and go for the gusto; I hope this is your time. The writer rounded up some really amazing quotes. I did read,years ago, in some HR magazine about the great idea of telling the candidate that you needed to go pick up some dry cleaning and unfortunately your car was in the shop, so could we conduct the interview in your car, while you drive me to the dry cleaners?

The idea was that seeing how they kept their cars would give you fabulous insights and blah, blah, blah. You want me to take a complete stranger into my car? What I love about that suggestion is the total lack of concern about how it would make the interviewer come across to the candidate — no concern at all about the fact that the interviewer would appear to be totally unprofessional.

Says so much about the weirdly one-sided approach so many employers take to the interview process. Talk about inspiring! I love this one! I do tend to get a lot of interviews, etc. Wow, great inspiration.

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Ive often wondered how to address the issue of previous job titles not matching my actual duties, especially when I am applying for a job based on those skills not titles. I also loved how she uses her mommy skills, and makes those skills desirable and beneficial. Exteremely interesting. I would have never thought to write such a cover letter in terms of tone. I tried to write one today but it was really hard to recreate that style when I used to using more detail.

It was still a good cover letter though so I went it. I think you have to strive to find a happy medium.

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Breaking the rules sometimes gets you the job. I think the key is to break them in an authentic way. I recently had a job interview and was invited out to dinner afterwards with a few senior management types. Eventually it dawned on me that he was trying to get me to crack and show some personality, so when the right opportunity came up I responded with a witty, borderline sarcastic, comment. He laughed and immediately the tone of the diner conversation become much more relaxed and social.

The interview resulted in an offer a week later. My handling of the situation was entirely dependent on my read of his personality and what he was trying to get out of me. With someone else being sarcastic might be have killed my prospects. As for why this particular rule breakage worked … well, taken as part of the whole, it just helped contribute to a picture of her as warm, sharp, and engaging.

Besides, it can raise discriminatory issues based on the stereotype that mothers are the primary caregivers.

Is it me or do most people just make cover letters a lot more complicated than they should be. All that is really, really industry and workplace dependent, though. OP again. I feel like I should give you a little background on why I ever decided to mention my kids in the first place. My kids are older now — high school and college. Rebecca, what I particularly loved about your cover letter is how much of a sense of a wonderful! I appreciate the reminder! It happened to work in your situation, but I would find another way to showcase those particular skills. Very inspirational.


I could be wrong, but this goes against everything I have learned in the past about cover letters! I think that worry about informality stems from a misunderstanding of what good writing is about.

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Does that mean you should be using shorter sentences and paragraphs to make it sound more like a conversation? Honestly that was the best letter you have read? I was not impressed at all for several reasons. The children mentioned is just never a good idea formal or not it is just bad taste. The entire letter really had a very email and informal quality to it. It is fine to be friendly and make it personal but saying how awesome you are and you can afford me.

That really sounds to me as if you are trying out for cheerleading. I would say overall not impressed and I am surprised you are impressed Allison.

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Good writing is not stiff and formal. And I totally disagree that the way she mentioned motherhood was in bad taste; it worked. It could have gone the other way if the person on the otherside had decided that it was fluff. Like she says, they clicked thats the biggest reason the letter worked. She got the call because of the letter so she must have done something right. Unless you are in politics or on Wall St. It actually benefited her. Her letter showcased her personality and the company decided that her personality and skills would be a great fit in their organizational culture.

So, she got a job that was a perfect fit for her. If she had sent that identical letter to a different organization, it might not have fit well with them and the application might have been thrown out.

I wish I received letters like this from our candidates when we have positions open! Great job, Rebecca! I just need to say that it is not the best cover letter ever. I would say it is more of a decorative type of cover letter. Really this can only be used so often and is certainly not the best out there. I agree. A few parts were written awkwardly, but hey. And in this crappy economy, we should be happy when one of us lands a job.

Generic cover letters that can be used over and over again for just about every position because they show no individual engagement with any of them. We are a desirable employer in a large city and even in this job market have enormous difficulty finding qualified applicants for well paying, higher-than-entry-level positions. We are usually willing to compromise on hard skill or education requirements for the right go-getter, motivated person, but alas- hiring these days has become one of my most dreaded tasks.