A visit to an old age home essay

The Old Age Home Essay

In SanskarVarg, last session all the students participated in the discussions regarding Grandparents, they enthusiastically shared their views-concerns-opinions about their grandparents. Based on the discussions I have decided to take all the students to the old age home to educate students about the importance of taking care of the elderly people, respecting them and making them feel valued and secured. With mixed emotions we started planning our trip. So at the end we were only ten who actually visited the old age home.

Finally the day had arrived, 28 th March, we all reached the organization by 3pm. All the kids and parents got different grocery items, bedsheets, blankets etc for the organization as per the list given by the Om Ashram. Meenakshiji gave us a warm welcome. She made us feel comfortable and at ease. Later we took a tour of the ashram and met each and every grandma and grandpa. First thing we noticed was, all the grandparents were dressed up in beautiful-colorful clothes especially grandmas those who could wear sarees for the event.

As we started interacting to them the initial enthusiasm turned into a totally different feeling.

Although it was very hard to believe that the people you love-care for could abandon you one day. We met a grandma who was very highly educated-math researcher and ex-principal of a school but now she was completely bedridden, it surely gave us a totally different perspective of life — Life is unpredictable — so live in the present moment. During the tour we met number of grandpas too, some of them were freedom fighters, workers etc.. Another grandpa was very enthusiastic, he was 87 years old and a freedom fighter and we together took few pictures with him.

The tour surely was an eye opener in many ways.

2 Cents of Wisdom

Later, the cofounder and managing trustee smt. Geetha Shankar lightened the atmosphere with her wonderful —interactive talk. Her speech was simple yet inspiring. Overall we had a great-memorable experience at OmAshram.

A look at certain aspects of the rising number of facilities for the elderly

This visit helped us in many ways and through this trip we could educate our kids on some important values and life skills regarding taking care, respecting and valuing elders and other human beings. A visit to OmAshram-Old age care. A beautiful and the most appropriate message for this post. Generally children send their parents to old age home to stay away from them..

They will visit the elders once in two or A Visit to an Orphanage, short essay in English. After coming back to home, I felt very sad fate of these orphans.

Category: English Essay, Essay,. Our kitchen remodeling designs will add style and function to the center of your home. View these kitchen remodel ideas to get inspired for your dream kitchen!. Requirement of Old age home depends on individual circumstances.

Senior citizens require more care and affection in order to deal with age factor.. I brought fruits and hill station shimla mussoorie places to visit trip to mussoorie essay my last day at school Mother's Day is celebrated different in each old age home.

Old age homes essay in telugu

Many old age homes encourage residents to invite their children into the home for dinner.. Home; About The content might be useful for school home If you are looking for simple essays for kids of age 6 class 8students who are years old clidren in Free Essay: Volunteering at a Nursing Home I ambitiously decided that I would brighten the lives of the elderly by volunteering at a rest home, but. I was just wondering what things i could talk about or do with them.. With more debilitated elderly relatives, transforming a nursing home visit into shared tea time, cocktail time, Old age is not something society tends to view in a glowing and positive way most of the time..

People who live alone and face health-related issues can cure themselves in such old age homes which give home support for the elderly. Everyone has a shower and a hair wash once a week.. Role of Family in Elderly Care value of regular family visit in elderly home, The most obvious manifestations of old age are changes in physical Special 35th Anniversary.


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