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What's one effect of that change? How did US politics and society change after the 14th and 15th amendments?

The Middle Ages Essay

How did things stay the same? The market revolution in the first half of the s The Civil War era in the middle of the s The rise of big business in the second half of the s Provide ONE example of an event or development that supports your explanation in a Provide specific historical evidence that explains why ONE of the other options is less convincing as the possible beginning of industrialization in the United States. Which best marked the beginning of industrialization in the US and why - the market revolution, the Civil War, the rise of big business?

Explain one example that proves that event started industrialization. Explain one example that would support one of the other two events. What's one difference in how Josephson and Brand interpret the business leaders rise to power? Identify one business leader not mentioned in the source that supports Josephson's argument.

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Identify one business leader not mentioned in the source that supports Brand's argument. Why did the US expand their role in the world from ? Use the documents to prove your point! How did the Civil War change the US economy between and ? How did the 19th amendment change the lives of women? In what ways did it have no effect on women?

How did it stay the same? Identify ONE specific example of land use policy in the United States from to and briefly explain how the example is consistent with the view of either Muir or Roosevelt. What was one policy effect of Muir's conservationist view? How did Theodore Roosevelt's environmental policy differ from Muir?

Briefly explain how ONE event or development led to the historical situation depicted in the image. Briefly explain ONE specific outcome of Progressive Era debates about the role of government in society.

  1. DBQ 3: The Middle Ages: Dark Ages, Age of Faith, Age of Feudalism, or a Golden Age?.
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What's one perspective of the government's role in society during the Progressive Era? Explain one event led to the situation in the image. What's one way the government did get involved during the Progressive Era? What's one similarity between the New Deal and Great Society programs? What's one difference between the New Deal and Great Society programs?

What's one reason for that difference? How did the Progressive movement change politics in the US between and ? Use the documents to prove it! What's an event that happened between that supports VanDeMark and was not mentioned in the text? What's an event that happened between that supports McMaster and was not mentioned in the text?

Briefly describe ONE specific historical similarity between the internal migration patterns in the period — and the internal migration patterns in the period — Briefly explain ONE specific historical impact of the internal migration patterns in either period.

The Middle Ages

The Middle Ages in Europe, a period of time from approximately A.D. to , You MUST use at least six of the documents in your DBQ essay (you can. in a short essay, answer the following question: Which labels for the Middle Ages between and in Europe: The Dark Ages, the Age of Feudalism, the.

What's one difference between immigration patterns in the US from and ? What's one similarity between immigration patterns in the US from and ?

What's one effect of the immigration trends in either period? What are factors that sparked the Second Wave of Feminism between ? Use the documents to prove your argument! What factors sparked the rise of new conservatism between and ? New England Colonies 1. Here is the whole unit for everything you need to know for teaching the Middle Ages. All lessons have Powerpoint notes along with Spanish Translated notes. There are introduction and closure practice questions.

Unit exam with. Social Studies - History , World History. Unit Inc.

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It introduces them to specific skills that they will use for analyzing primary sources throughout the year and includes the organizers and the sources for those skills. The unit also includes two readi.

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European History , World History. This review uses three formats: vocabulary, short answer, and open response to gauge students readiness for their test or exam.

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Your AP history textbook may also have documents with questions that you can use to practice. The Golden Age? However the idea did not become widely popular until Johannes Gutenbreg refined the idea around Choose Your Test. The Middle Ages deserved to have the alias of the Dark Ages because there were several severe illnesses, the monarchs were cruel, and the crusades brought the death of many.

It is in Word format so you can tailor it to your curriculum. Usually I al. Rockefeller, Rockefeller, Protector of our Industries, political cartoon. History , Other Social Studies - History. Worksheets , DBQs , Assessment. Crusades during the Middle Ages. The Crusades activities included are perennial student favorites.

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This bundle has an activity for every learning style imaginable. The wide range of activities keeps all students engaged and interested in learning. This includes: 1. Social Media Project on key Crusade figures. A Crusade Writing. Projects , Activities , DBQs. European History , World History , Geography. Key Terminology 1.

Crusade 2. Holy Land 3. Christians 4. Muslims 5. Byzantine Empire 6. Pope Urban I 7. Jerusalem 8.

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Middle Ages: How would you describe it? This activity is helpful to review the study of Medieval Europe. The manor system was the economic system associated with feudalism. In the manorial system, a landowner.