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Robert Polito is president of the Poetry Foundation in Chicago. He is the author of Doubles , also published by the University of Chicago Press. What is the self and what does it have to say for itself? For the most part the answers to these questions are narratives of individual lives, struggles, epiphanies. Narratives navigate solid unproblematic bodies through comfortably familiar natural and social landscapes.

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I remember talking to Bill the day after two junkies broke in and tried to mug him in his own hallway, only to be chased off by his feisty fox terrier, Basil. It can take weeks for requests to be filled. Sample big cover letter. A personal account of my encounter with the philosophy of Gilles In Anti- Oedipus, Deleuze and Guattari incorporated a radical. What is Philosophy? Return to Home. The Journal.

The preoccupations of nonfiction writers lie in how stories are told and by whom, in what is being told and how true it is. Both autobiography and memoir are self-narratives.

An Evening on Poetry: Edward Hirsch and Robert Polito I Parsons School of Design

But what is this centerpiece? The question seems ridiculous and the answer self-evident. Clearly the center of autobiographies and memoirs are individual people.

Click here to continue reading. It gained meaning from the struggles he brought forth to the open, in a voice that resonated against the portrait painted of him in the media.

People responded by wanting to know more about the man. Return to Home.

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But whatever the reason, the final pieces read less organic and more structurally stable, with even some points enumerated for convenience. As an interview with Manny and Patty in the appendix explains, these reviews were the fruit of much conversing and punctilious rewriting; theirs was a partnership flooded with unconsolidated disagreements and loose ends. But these disparate arguments, abruptly transitioning sometimes in the middle of a single paragraph, also seem like curiously caged and sedated entities, rather than itinerant characters that could return at any moment without warning.

For example:.

Book review: Farber on Film, Ed. by Robert Polito

What makes Farber on Film required reading is not only the value of having these ubiquitous essays, and dozens of equally trenchant ones, on the shelf waiting impatiently to challenge us yet again, but the convenience of having each one contextualized, standing in a snaky, chronological line with its brothers, all of them adding up to something more piquant and bewildering than even the most representative individuals would suggest on their own. Jon Lanthier is a writer, multimedia artist, coffee drinker, and cultural autodidact from Berkeley, CA.

He is convinced that the best film criticism is one-third academic analysis, one-third personal essay, and one-third conspiracy theory.

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He welcomes ad hominem attacks on the gaping holes in his rhetoric. Writing about The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, he claims that In an Arizona town that is too placid, where the cactus was planted last night and nostalgically cast actors do a generalized drunkenness, cowardice, voraciousness, Wayne is the termite actor.