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Even though the photo was used to raise funds during Russian famine, the images still speak to the audience today who are not aware of the severe consequence of famine in Russia. The image brings to mind the effects of famine all over the world. Photos have been used to draw the audience response to dire situations that need public intervention.

One of the photos taken by Fridtjof Nansen depicted Russian famine. The photo was used to raise money during that period. The photo was produced on postcards sold to raise money and raise awareness of the effects of famine in Russia. The text written in French was published to raise money among French-speaking countries. The photos present images showing two boys feeding each other in their final stages of hunger. It presents skeletal limbs and swollen bellies showing the need for immediate action. Developing a good visual analysis means discussing each element of the photo you might find helpful.


Each body sentences should start with a topic sentence stating the significance of the photo. The body of the essay should be analyzed according to the effect of the composition.

Each paragraph of the body section needs to focus on a specific element like the color, the image, and text. The body needs to present evidence or relevant examples to justify your argument. When analyzing an image, describe the artwork as if you are presenting it to someone who has not seen the picture.

Present important features that make it intriguing and how the features contribute to the overall picture effect. The Last Voyage is a painting by Soto presenting human-like characteristics presenting an isolated land that is similar to earth. The picture presents the connection between humanity and the environment. The figure in the foreground depicts an overcrowded ship that is seen as desolate in a polluted landscape. The bottom of the picture is gray with the sky painted blue and green.

Soto uses circles, spiral graffiti to make the earth look polluted.

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The steam exhaustion from the ship makes it appear to be floating. The black steam from the ship represents the struggle of humans in their daily lives. The Last Voyage is a painting which is meant to inspire feelings of loneliness and reflection in the viewer. Despite the hopeful nature which some people might see in it, the artist no doubt wanted his viewers to view the painting as a reference to the endless nature of the ocean, and perhaps also the endless nature of the human soul along with it.

This is not unusual among paintings, many of which are used to explore the human psyche.

1. Formal Analysis

The goal of a formal analysis is to explain how the formal elements of a work of art affect the The Thesis Statement: Your thesis should provide a framework for . Art History Resources. Papers and Projects · Guidelines for Analysis of Art · Formal Analysis Paper Examples · Guidelines for Writing Art History Research.

Many paintings are used to explore the inner workings of the human soul, as well as wider questions about who we are. The Last Voyage seeks to take its place among this gallery of pictures and make its own mark on the viewer. Everyone has their own interpretation of the material they see: thus, it is not entirely up to the artist whether or not they succeed in getting their point across.

A good conclusion should summarize the main theme and relate back to the introduction. Conclusion present new idea or insight the writer has gained the artwork during analysis. A visual analysis conclusion needs to reiterate the thesis using different wordings. A conclusion summarizes all the main points covered during the analysis.

Even though Soto artwork represents ideal artwork about the relationship between human and environment, his work seems to be criticizing humanity at the same time celebrating it. Using juxtapositions of darks graffiti, he presents inspiring imagery combined with bright colors to convey a metaphor about destruction.

Using cartoon illustrations, graffiti, and realistic imagery, the viewer can understand the dynamic relationship about the connection between humans and the surrounding. Revisions are important because they let you mold your essay to become more than it otherwise was. Everybody makes mistakes — revisions let you fix them before they become a problem.

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