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It has become the country's second biggest source of foreign exchange and the third largest economy sector. Medical Tourism in Malaysia Medical tourism, also known as medical travel, is used to describe tourists traveling from one country to another to receive medical treatments. Ten years ago medical tourism was not very popular Chelliah, , p.

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Now, however, thousands of travelers go around the world to receive medical surgery such as knee surgery, dental surgery, or cosmetic surgery. The top four countries that are most popular for medical travel are: South Korea, Mexico, Malaysia, and Taiwan. There are lots of reasons of expansion of medical tourism in Malaysia. Some are as under: Outstanding medical facilities are provided at incredible charges. There are extremely competent, certified and capable medical expert.

These people who travel are known as tourists, back in the League Of Nations LON defined Tourist as someone traveling abroad for at least twenty-four hours. For the past few decades, tourism has been growing very fast and according to the forecasts its going to be even faster in Asia and the pacific being the main continents which are promising to be the most important tourism destination of the world by because of its cultural heritage meaning that Pacific- Asia is the birth place of all the religions.

The question would be, what does the religion have to do with tourism?

The Development Of Tourism In Malaysia Tourism Essay

Tourism is made up of different forms; these forms are classified by typical features of spending time in the destination. Ever since independence in , Malaysia has been a country of a progressive multi racial society. The political system is based on parliamentary constitutional monarchy with a Federal Government structure, comprising 14 states.

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Meanwhile almost all respondent gave low scores to cleanliness. It was followed by good infrastructure of hotel and apartments. How about receiving a customized one? Tourism, in fact, has a number of features that make it an activity to Essays, UK.

The constitution and parliamentary system is almost similar to the British Westminster model, except the members of Local Governments are appointed by the ruling parties at Federal and State levels. The location of both Peninsular Malaysia, and Sabah and Sarawak in Borneo lies entirely in the equatorial zone. The climate is governed by the regime of the north-east and south-west monsoons which blow alternately during the course of the year.

In the year the population was around 22 million. Under the Malaysia constitution, travel and tourism are concurrent matters in which both the Federal and State Government have responsibilities. However under the Ministry there is an agency which is directly in charge of promoting tourism in Malaysia. Lying just north of the equator, with more than one thousand islands found there, not forgetting the marine parks and rainforests all filled with beautiful birds and wildlife.

It is in this country again where people talk about golden beaches, ever green vegetation, mountains and unforgettable shopping malls.

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Malaysia has been visited by thousands of tourist from all over the world every year. But tourism in Malaysia can be further developed by promoting many. Promotion lower package can attract foreign tourist come visit to Malaysia. Promotion lower package such as lower price for accommodation for tourists.

All these can only be found in Malaysia; in general this country is a fascinating place to be. According to the Department of Wildlife and National Parks Malaysia, before tourism was just an idle, it was not regarded as an important economic activity. It was officially formed in under the Ministry of Trade Industry MITI and was given a responsibility of acting as an authority development but with very low precedence therefore tourism sector did not really develop in Malaysia comparing it with other countries like Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.

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However, in the 80s the industry started increasing rapidly because of certain changes that took place in Malaysia, the increase of personal income, leisure time, and improvement in international transportation systems and finally the greater public awareness of other parts of the world due to the improvement in communications. The above mentioned developments gave a clear view to the Malaysian government that Tourism can play a big role in its economy and social development so as a result; it decided to promise to accomplish a series of positive initiatives to stimulate the development of the tourism sector.

These include the following:.

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This provided an institutional framework for the planning, coordination, and regulation of tourism and for the first time tourism was accounted for within the framework of recognized economic activities;. TOC thereafter became known as the Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board or Tourism Malaysia for short , with a role concentrated on marketing and promotion;.

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In addition Tourism is the second foreign exchange earner in Malaysia after manufacturing so the government does its best to stimulate this. Moreover in Malaysia was voted one of the top five popular outbound destinations out of hundred countries. New York: Benchmark Books, The Star. Archived from the original on 18 February Retrieved 17 February Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council. Archived from the original on 3 August Retrieved 16 August Retrieved 21 February Retrieved 18 April Retrieved 4 March Outline Index.